Beware of the Bull.

When you run a charity or a social enterprise, life is full of hoops to jump through. Bidding for funding, evaluating success, strategic planning… all these things can quickly become a red-tape nightmare.

Beware of The Bull can help. We’re here to take care of the paperwork, and let you get on with what you do best. We are experts in writing bids and matching them to likely funders. We can help you budget your project; we can also monitor its success or act as external evaluators. We can advise on and assist with your funding strategy, making sure you’re doing the things that matter, in the right way.

Beware of the Bull is a social enterprise. After operating costs, all the income we generate is ploughed back into our social objective: helping charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises to be more effective in pursuing their own aims.

No Nonsense.

We offer simple, transparent terms, so you know you won’t be landed with any unpleasant surprises. All services are based on a standard rate of £350 per day inclusive. The daily rate includes all usual business expenses.

We offer a no-quibble quote guarantee. Once you have accepted a written quote for a piece of work, we guarantee you will not be charged more than the  quoted amount. Each piece of work is tailored to the particular requirements of the client, and we aim to be flexible so that our services are accessible to everyone. If you can think of anything we could do to help you please phone and ask for a quote.

Check here for our terms and conditions.