December 2018 | Newsletter

December is here, and while many workplaces are winding down in anticipation of Christmas, we know this can be a busy time of year for fundraisers! We’re here to help, with a newsletter stacked with fantastic festive funding.

Act Now For Festive Cash For Your Charity!
Ecclesiastical are running a ’12 Days of Giving’ campaign – and your charity could be in with the chance of winning £1,000! Each weekday between 6th-21st December, 10 nominated charities will win £1,000. That means if you’re quick about nominating, your charity has 120 chances to win!

The competition is open to UK and Irish registered charities – nominations will remain open until 12 midnight the day before each draw, with those charities not drawn carried over to the next. The more nominations a charity receives, the greater the chance of them winning – so this is a great opportunity to get your supporters involved. For more information, and to nominate a charity, visit the Ecclesiastical website.

Henry Smith Charity
The Henry Smith Charity makes grants – including core funding – with the aim of reducing disadvantage for people across the UK. They have two main funding streams for this purpose:

Improving Lives: Grants for larger charities, who can be based anywhere in the UK. To be eligible, your organisation must have an annual income of between £50,000 and £2 million. There are 6 ‘priority areas’ within the stream that Henry Smith Charity are seeking to work with, but all applications must be helping people for whom other sources of support have failed, are inappropriate, or are non-existent.

Strengthening Communities: Grants for smaller charities. To be eligible, your organisation must have an annual income of between £20,000 and £500,000, and be physically based and working in areas in the 10% most deprived in England & Scotland or the 15% most deprived in Northern Ireland and Wales, according to the Indices of Multiple Deprivation. Work in this category must enable communities to come together and/or excluded people to access services.

Both of these funding streams make grants of between £20,000 and £60,000 per year, for up to 3 years. There are no deadlines for application. For more information, visit the Henry Smith Charity website.

GrantScape is an organisation that manages the charitable funds for landfill operators and renewable energy companies. Each fund has its own criteria for eligibility and grant sizes, but most are for relatively small grants – up to around £10,000. The Grantscape website has a handy tool so that you can check which funding schemes are open in your area – you can find it here.

Masonic Charitable Foundation
The Masonic Charitable Foundation makes grants in two main areas: older people (aged 50+) and children & young people (aged 0-25). Across these areas, they have two levels of grant available:

Small Grants: for charities with an income of under £500,000. Through this funding stream you can apply for £500 – £15,000 over 1-3 years, although the total amount applied for must be under 15% of your total annual income. This funding is unrestricted.

Large Grants: for charities with an income of over £500,000. Through this funding stream you can apply for £10,000 – £150,000, although most grants are for £80,000 or under. This funding must be for a specific project.

Both priority areas have a fairly wide remit, although Early Years grants focus around giving children and young people equal opportunities in life, and Later Life grants focus around reducing isolation & loneliness for older people.

For both priority areas, the next Large Grants deadline is 2nd January, and the next Small Grants deadline is 25th January. For more information, and to apply, visit the Masonic Charitable Foundation website.

Windrush Day Grants
The government recently announced the launch of a new funding pot for projects that will celebrate and commemorate the Windrush Generation and their contribution to our country. Windrush Day, which will take place on 22nd June 2019, will be the focal point of these projects.

There is a total of £500,000 available, of which £150,000 will be available for charities and community groups to apply for. Grants made under the scheme will be for amounts between £2,500 and £25,000. To be eligible, your organisation must be based in England and the activity or project you propose to undertake must take place in England.

Successful projects will be community-led and will raise awareness of the Windrush Generation and their contribution to Britain. Some example projects include:
Educational events, seminars & lectures
Arts installations and exhibitions
Work with schools including assemblies, educational trips and creative project work
Community street parties

The deadline for applications is 21st January – for more information, and to apply, visit the website.

Flower Power
The Grow Wild Community Projects Fund is now open for applications for projects to take place in 2019. To be eligible, your project must:

– focus on UK native wild flowers, plants and/or fungi, through planting or as inspiration, and will help people understand the importance of these native species for the environment and our lives.

– work with one or more of Grow Wild’s target audiences:
Young people aged 12-25
Communities living in urban areas
Communities experiencing some disadvantage or reduced access to services
Adults that are less engaged with their community and environmental activities

– have the potential to reach at least 300 people  enable people to connect with, learn something new and give to help each other and nature.

– have an idea that is introducing something new, e.g. a new, unlikely location, new group of people or creative way to engage your audience.

You don’t have to be a registered charity to apply – any non-profit group or organisation is welcome to apply to the fund. However, you must have a bank account in the organisation’s name, a constitution, and permission from the landowner of the space where you want to deliver the project. Grants from the scheme will be for £2,000 – £4,000.

The deadline for applications is Monday 10th December. For more information, and to apply, visit the Grow Wild website.

Quick And Easy!
Persimmon Community Champions, run by Persimmon Homes, makes 60 grants of £1,000 every month to charities and community groups around the country. Grants provided through the scheme are match funding – so you’ll need to have raised some money towards your project before you apply.

It’s an easy online application form, and there are no deadlines. For more information, and to apply, visit the website.

Shop Around For a Grant?
The Morrisons Foundation, charitable arm of the supermarket, makes grants to charities across England, Scotland and Wales for projects which make a difference in their local community.

The Foundation likes to fund project costs – they won’t fund salaries. Sports-based projects won’t be funded unless the objective is to improve the lives of vulnerable or disadvantaged individuals. Funding is for one year only and the majority of grants are in the range of £2,500 – £7,500.

For more information, and to apply, visit the Morrisons Foundation website.

Grants for Children’s Charities
The Clara E Burgess Charity makes small grants to charities that work for the benefit of children. Grants will be for work which support:
health, or
physical wellbeing.

All charities working with children are eligible, but Clara E Burgess Charity are particularly keen to fund work with children under 10, and/or who have lost one or both parents.

It’s quick and easy to apply – just send a letter and proposal to their registered office:

The Clara E Burgess Charity
c/o The Royal Bank of Scotland 
Trust Services 
6th Floor 
Trinity Quay 2 
Avon Street 

Just For Fun!
Here’s something to get you in the festive spirit – check out this wonderful storyof how the Albert Hunt Trust came to be!

You can apply to the Albert Hunt Trust – they are keen to fund projects that support people’s mental and physical wellbeing. Grants can be for up to £3,000, although most are for around £1,000. The Trust is currently in the process of developing a website for the first time, so keep an eye out for that – but in the meantime, you can apply by sending a letter and proposal to the following address:

The Albert Hunt Trust 
C/o Coutts & Co
Wealth Advisory Services 
440 Strand