February 2019 | Newsletter

The Anglo-Saxons called February Sol-monath – ‘cake month’ – as this was a time when cakes were presented as offerings to the gods. In modern times, today (5th February) is World Nutella Day – so all things considered, we think now’s a great time for a sweet treat! Why not Tweet us with your bakes – you can find us on Twitter@BewareBull.

Changes for the Big Lottery Fund
The Big Lottery Fund, the UK’s largest community funder, has changed its name to The National Lottery Community Fund, while its sister organisation the Heritage Lottery Fund will now be known as The National Lottery Heritage Fund. This is intended to make a clearer link between playing the National Lottery and the good causes that benefit.

In addition to this, the National Lottery Heritage Fund has recently announced its 5-year strategy, with a simplified portfolio of funding options:

National Lottery Grants for Heritage – an open programme for any type of heritage project from £3,000–£5million

Heritage funding campaigns designed to fulfil strategic needs or funding gaps.  The first two campaigns will launch in 2019, focusing on helping:
organisations build their capacity and organisational resilience or to build digital capabilities
Joint funds to deliver strategic initiatives in partnership with other organisations, such as the Future Parks Accelerator partnership with the National Trust
Social investments such as impact funds and loans
Two rounds of major grants of over £5m in 2020–21 and 2022–23.

You can find out more about the 5-year strategy here.

Woodroffe Benton Foundation
The Woodroffe Benton Foundation’s quarterly Small Grants programme is open for applications. The foundation offers one-off grants in the range £500 – £2,500 to UK registered charities, for: 
Relief of persons in need, hardship or distress by reason of disaster or as a consequence of social or economic circumstance.
Provision/maintenance of care and accommodation for the sick and elderly
Promotion of education – in Derbyshire only
Environmental conservation/preservation/protection/improvement – in particular where this would encourage the provision of access by members of the general public

To be eligible you must have at least one full set of accounts, and an annual income below £1 million.

Get your applications in by the end of February to be safe – to be considered for this quarter’s grants, your applications must be received at least six weeks prior to the board meeting in April.

Applications should be made online via the application form available on the trust’s website.

Holbeck Charitable Trust!Deadline Approaching – 10th Feb!
The application deadline for The Holbeck Charitable Trust’s upcoming funding round is Sunday 10th February! The Trust gives preference to organisations operating in London and Yorkshire, working towards general charitable purposes including:
Medical research
Social welfare
Christian religion
Arts and culture
Disaster relief.

Grants are made as one-off payments for projects or services delivered over one to three years. Grants to support general funds and running costs will be considered as long as you include a clear breakdown of how the funds will be spent. More information is available on their website.

To apply for a grant you need to complete and submit an application form online here and also sign a hard copy of your completed grant application form and return it via post together with a short covering letter to:

Gerry Morrison
The Holbeck Charitable Trust
C/o Rollits LLP
Forsyth House
Alpha Court
Monks Cross
York YO32 9WN

In addition please provide a duplicate of your covering letter and a stamped addressed envelope. Applications will not be considered until the hard copy is received.

Ashworth Charitable Trust
The Ashworth Charitable Trust makes grants to grassroots, humanitarian organisations. Awards usually do not exceed £3000, and the Trust favours projects over core funding.

Smaller charities and grassroots organisations are prioritised, with the view of maximising the impact of the grant level that Ashworth Trust can provide. Previous successful applications have included charities focused on: 
Illness or disability support and relief 
Supporting disadvantaged or isolated members of society
Support for carers 
Women’s refuges 
Homeless shelters.

To be eligible you must be a UK registered charity. Please apply by the end of February.

Applications should be made online via the application form available on the trust’s website.

Inman Charity 
The Inman Charity make annual distributions of £300,000, supporting a wide range of UK Registered Charities. The directors are particularly interested in supporting the following areas of charitable work:
Medical research
Care of the elderly
General welfare
People who are deaf or blind
Care of people who are physically and mentally disabled
The Armed Forces.

Young children and infants
Maintenance of buildings at a local level (e.g. churches and village halls)
Animal welfare
Wildlife and environmental conservation
Religious charities.

Applications must be received by the end of February for consideration at the biannual meeting in April. For more information, visit the Inman Charity website.

The MSE Charity
The MSE Charity are offering grants of up to £7,500 to projects focused on building financial capability skills assisting groups who support children, youth and families. Accepted areas of work may include: 
Schools-based work
Lone parents 
Victims and survivors of domestic abuse 
Family outreach services.

MSE prefers to fund small to medium-sized non-profit organisations with a constitution, e.g. Registered Charities, CICs, and Credit Unions (excluding statutory organisations). Organisations should have an annual income under £500,000 and have less than six months free reserves.

To check eligibility of your organisation, please take the online Grant Eligibility Quiz available here

This grant round opens Monday 4th Feb. The official deadline for applications is Friday 1st March, but the  charity will only be accepting 40 applications in this round – so if you’re thinking of applying, you’ll need to get your skates on! Final decisions will be made at the Panel meeting on Wednesday 3rd April 2019, and you’ll hear about the result of your application within 10 days after that.

Application form available on The MSE Charity website

Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
This charitable foundation makes grants towards work in the following areas:
The arts
Work with children and young people
The environment
Food, and
Social change. 

The Foundation will consider applications to fund core or project costs, but rarely makes grants that are smaller than £20,000 – so if you’re a very small charity, this may not be the funder for you. Take the quiz and find out if you’re eligible here.

Applications are assessed on a rolling basis so there are no deadlines – you can submit an application at any time. For more information, and to apply, visit the Foundation’s website.

The Joseph Strong Frazer Trust 
This charitable trust makes grants to a wide range of causes, including:
Social welfare
Health and medical research

Grants from this trust tend to be in the region of £1,000. Applications should be made in writing to the trust’s registered office at: 

The Joseph Strong
Frazer Trust 
C/O Joseph Miller & Co 
Floor A  Milburn House 
Dean Street 
Newcastle upon Tyne 

The Archer Trust 
The Archer Trust makes grants to small registered charities for amounts between £250 and £3000, preferring those for whom this amount will make a big difference. Applications will be considered from organisations providing aid or support to a defined group of needy or deserving people – for more information please visit their website.

The trust does not consider applications from: 
conservation, heritage and environmental projects 
conversions for disabled access 
charities supporting animal research.

Applications are considered in March, so apply ASAP in February.
Please send your application via post to: 

The Secretary,
The Archer Trust,
Bourne House,
Herts, SG12 0TT

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